Interim Management in Italy

In this interview by Nordic Interim Paola Mucci HR Partner Duke & Kay tells us about challenges faced in recent years by organizations and what solutions can be introduced.
In our experience, involving an interim Executive is an excellent solution to improve the quality of management but above all to start talking about cultural change .
In fact, this should not be confused with just temporarily replacing a manager but an opportunity available to drive change, a strategic business partner.

International Study 2022 Supply Chain Bottleneck

Supply problems and parts shortages threaten development of companies. Ongoing supply chain bottlenecks and energy costs are having an increasingly negative impact on global industry. And the problems are likely to continue for a long time. The automotive sector, steel, metal, glass, ceramics and paper manufacturers in particular are suffering from the consequences of the acute supply problems, which market experts believe have long had an inhibiting effect on the development of globally operating companies. In particular, China’s strict zero-covid strategy and the Russia-Ukraine war are heavily affecting the business of the groups. Companies are now urgently required to review their processes, relocate production facilities to their own country, increase the number of their suppliers and raise the level of innovation. This is according to the Globalise study, which surveyed exactly 600 top global executives – including managing directors, board members, supervisory board members and managers from a wide range of industries and countries – between June and July 2022.Download entire study

Future of work: let's get involved for a positive impact!

A dozen companies from various sectors and members of AmCham France, in collaboration with ESSEC Business School, met and reflected on best practices and inspiring success stories to move our companies forward and define the future of work deeply rooted in sustainability. The role of the leader is becoming crucial in supporting the transformations of our companies while maintaining employee engagement. 12 recommendations dedicated to business transformation are revealed.

Globalise Interim Management Survey 2020

How will internationally operating companies master the management challenges resulting from the Covid19 crisis? What measures do experienced managers and restructuring experts recommend? In summer 2020 together with our partners within the international globalise network, we asked almost 1,900 managers to provide their expert assessments We are giving you an exclusive advance preview of the results of the International Interim Management Survey 2020.