Network of restructuring experts and restructuring managers at Valtus Alliance

As a Partner at Valtus Alliance, the global leader in business transformation, Duke & Kay supports clients facing critical situations on both national and international scales.
Our extensive network of #restructuring managers enables us to provide unparalleled support in navigating challenging circumstances.
Our #Executives excel in identifying, designing and, most important, implementing industrial and financial solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.
Moreover, our deep understanding of national regulations and legislation, coupled with our strong reputation in different markets, grants us access to top-tier local lawyers and advisors.

In times of financial, strategic, or operational crises, our Team of #turnaround #experts stands ready to provide comprehensive support worldwide.
We understand the complexities of #crisis management and are dedicated to guiding our clients towards successful outcomes.

Duke&Kay’s managing partner Maurizio Ria is excited to engage in discussions on addressing and managing critical situations at the upcoming Conference organized by Dealflower in Milan on February 22nd.
Looking forward to connecting with fellow professionals and sharing insights at the event.