“… Once again the choice of men with the right skills has enabled us to achieve the expected results … ” – Maurizio Ria, Managing Partner Duke&Kay and Chairman of TRE Holding

  • May 20, 2020
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Today illimity announced the agreement with TRE Holding SpA, managed by Maurizio Ria – Managing Director Duke&Kay. This agreement allows the other 13 Banks, that supported the Targetti Group in its long period of crisis, to recover a large part of their loans, at the end of a process where TRE Holding systematically honored the agreed plans and covenants. As from today TRE Holding has a new strong partner to complete its mission. The above is the final stage of a long and hard preliminary work, completed despite the difficulties of Covid-19 situation, and was made possible by the high professional and human support of Pino Brugellis and Antonio Orlandi, members of the company BoD, by the Targetti family as well as by Mrs. Deborah De Icco (Studio DDI) and the lawyer Mr. Alessandro Gentili (Studio Gentili). Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible. Finally, a dedicated and appreciated thanks goes to them.