Markets and their dynamics have become more and more complex over time and the classic scenario is that of more aggressive competition and an increasingly strict regulatory-tax system.

This complexity and its related difficulties contribute to the decline of business performance, which lead, for example, to a loss of turnover, costs growth, and in any case to the absence of cash generation and consequently to debt accumulation.

Solving these issues requires a step change in operational management, in skills availability and in the ability to deal with a process of change and transformation, which often also leads to the repositioning of the company.

Duke&Kay, through selected tools, many years of experience and dedicated, highly skilled managers, is able to help companies recover their performance and guide them towards a solid and healthy growth in the future.

Duke&Kay designs and executes changes of business systems and organizational processes to improve economic and operational performance:

This Practice concentrates the experience that Duke&Kay Executives have cumulated over the years working for Private Equity firms.  In fact, the life cycle of the Company requires distinct management solutions to move from a current situation to an improved one. This focus on the specific leadership requirements is a major advantage because these experiences ensure speed and results and, at the same time, guarantee a continuous operational performance transparency.

Moreover Duke&Kay cooperates with the most relevant Consultancy Firms to implement the guidelines identified in the development plans drawn. Our managers can participate the plan setting, by providing their long practical experience in operations for growth and development in specific market industries. Their deep business and functional expertise – combined with their pragmatism and focus on real outcomes – underlies their concrete reputation on the field for results.

Essentially Duke&Kay Partners act to translate business strategy into actions to increase productivity, competitiveness and performance, enabling an organization to successfully reach the identified objectives.