Successful Restructuring of an Italian subsidiary for a multinational Cosmetics Company

Duke&Kay was commissioned by an international luxury cosmetics brand to support its Italian subsidiary during a critical transformation. The task involved providing an interim General Manager to lead the Italian team through the reorganization of Marketing & Sales, respecting the parent company’s guidelines, with a strong focus on personnel management.
Duke&Kay activity

The objective was clear: to drive organizational change and use this moment as a catalyst for revitalization and motivation. Therefore, it was necessary to involve an Executive with the right mix of technical skills and leadership abilities to guide the team through the reorganization and ensure a competitive market positioning.

Key actions:

  • Identification of ineffective processes and areas for improvement
  • Assessment of people competencies to identify critical roles and responsibilities
  • Analysis of financial performance
  • Definition of strategic objectives and “resetting” of costs in line with the company’s long-term vision
  • Development of a new organizational structure in line with the above
  • Implementation of an accurate communication plan to facilitate the reorganization process, ensure a clear direction of change, and share the overall vision of the company

The interim General Manager effectively navigated the reorganization of existing teams to meet business needs, a challenging but necessary task to maintain competitiveness.

Key successes included:

  • Identification of effective new distribution channels
  • Collaboration with local distributors, retailers, and partners to create stable agreements
  • Develop a new pricing strategy to remain competitive while maintaining profitability

The collaboration between the Client and the interim General Manager was crucial to the mission’s success.

The Duke&Kay Executive’s extensive experience with large multinational luxury brands brought significant added value, ensuring the subsidiary’s future development and growth.