operazione M&A

Duke&Kay led the post-acquisition integration process of four companies in the food industry products sector


A company part of a multinational group acquired four Italian companies specialized in research and development, production, and distribution of products for the food industry, food supplements, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

The headquarters tasked Duke&Kay with supporting the organization in defining and designing post-acquisition processes in accordance with their international group’s standards.

Duke&Kay activity

To ensure a smooth transition and harmonious integration of the newly acquired companies, Duke&Kay executives defined and achieved the following objectives:

  • Harmonization of human resources and welfare management policies, ensuring equity and consistency among the acquired companies
  • Active participation in the budgeting process, ensuring alignment with the company’s financial objectives
  • Definition and implementation of internal policies for all employees, facilitating cohesion and intercompany collaboration
  • Leading recruitment and selection processes
  • Managing the cultural transformation process through communication, training, and employee engagement initiatives.
  • Active participation in the Executive Committee, providing strategic contributions to business decisions.

To achieve these objectives, the Executives focused on several key areas, each crucial to the success of the integration project:

  • Salary review
  • Restructuring and optimizing labour consulting and payroll management services
  • Reviewing and standardizing employment contracts in line with new company policies
  • Updating company processes and policies to align them with the international group’s standards
  • Harmonizing smart working policies
  • Identifying and selecting technology partners to improve ERP systems
  • Team coaching and training to promote professional growth and organizational effectiveness
  • Planning and managing change initiatives, including communication, training, and result evaluation
  • Standardizing HR documentation
  • Ensuring a smooth and continuous transition to the newly selected management