Leading company in the production of flow measurement devices and temperature measurement devices. International player and supplier of some of the largest multinationals operating in the sector.

The aim of the project was to develop internal communication and increase the success of the organization. For this reason, Duke&Kay was asked for a HR professional to assess the workforce.

Duke&Kay activity

To achieve the company’s expected results, Duke&Kay identified the need to develop and implement the ability to work in team (mainly in specific business areas such as the Commercial and the R&D).

Consequently, it was necessary to assess the key people through one-to-one and group sessions, (through the behavioral assessment methodology) in order to make clear the organizational problems, the unawareness of the workflow and the obvious lack of knowledge of the specific needs of each business unit.


The follow up of the assessment shows the following areas to focus on:

  1. Involvement.
    Each person must participate in corporate communication.
  2. Dialogue.
    Remove communication barriers by promoting and stimulating dialogue between different roles and departments
  3. Value of the individual.
    Open to dialogue, transmit and place value on people, to the role they hold and the work they do
  4. Knowledge.
    Employees must understand and know the business dynamics. Promote the values’ sharing and the corporate mission

The awareness reached by all the team members, thanks to Duke&Kay, allowed to dramatically improve the cooperation among them and increased the reciprocal faith between managers and workers. Their real engagement showed effective productivity benefits and a better “environmental climate”. The results achieved (well above the expectations) have been expressed on both financial and organizational efficiency indicators.