In this period of strong economic uncertainty, exacerbated by restrictions on credit supply, companies are experiencing considerable difficulty to find liquidity on the financial markets. Recent regulations changes allow new financial players to integrate the traditional role of Banks.

Among these, Private Equity firms or Private Debt firms represent a possible formula for venture capital or new finance, useful for companies’ recovery and repositioning in the market.

In this context, the financial action alone does not automatically bring the desired benefits. Therefore, in order to integrate the interests of the Fund with those of the company, the Executives approach is needed, to implement actions and to hold together the parties, contributing to the success of the operation.

Duke&Kay has been working since years on supporting companies in this path in all its phases, helping to establish a solid relationship with the PE Firms, integrating the company's skills.

This Practice concentrates the experience Duke&Kay has cumulated over the years working for Private Equity firms. In Private Equity the life cycle of investments requires distinct management solutions.

The attention and above all the experience of these specific needs is a great advantage because it ensures speed and results and guarantees continuous transparency in operational management.