Network of restructuring experts and restructuring managers at Valtus Alliance

As the European leader in Executive Interim Management, Valtus Alliance has an extensive network of restructuring experts and restructuring managers. Our headquarters are in Paris, with subsidiaries in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Austria . In addition, we rely on network partners in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Singapore, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

We can support our clients on a national and international level in critical situations:

Our turnaround managers and experts have an excellent track record in restructuring and know how to address and manage critical situations.

They can help you to:

Our managers identify savings and optimization potential and support you with quick and consistent implementation. They are familiar with national regulations and legislation, such as insolvency laws, and have access to the best local lawyers and advisors. Our turnaround experts will support you with financial, strategic and operational crises.

If you have any restructuring requirements feel free to contact us.

Turnaround managers are often referred to as CROs (Chief Restructuring Officers), but it is also common to hire a restructuring manager as CEO, CFO,COO, CTO or CHRO. When selecting a restructuring manager, trust, chemistry, and the right situational experience are crucial. Our partners at Valtus Alliance will identify the best turnaround managers, teams and advisors you need to move forward fast. We will support and advise you and the selected manager(s) throughout the entire project.