Working with DUKE&KAY means to face demanding challenges with confidence and determination

Only many years of experience can give deep technical skills and the ability to manage complex situations with a network of different actors to cope with companies facing a transformation.

We are looking for high-profile Managers used to manage transformation or reorganization projects within companies of different sectors and sizes, with strong leadership and relational skills, able to make decisions and define concrete actions to achieve the goal and meet the deadlines.

Duke&kay is looking for Interim Managers, Professionals and Permanent Managers (Chief Executive Officers, General Managers, Chief Financial Officer, Operations and Supply Chain Managers, Sales and Marketing Directors …).

Restructuring & Turnaround

Skilled CEO or CFO/CRO, with strong expertise in insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, acquired through a longstanding experience in Turnaround projects. Good knowledge of the technicalities to be used within distressed companies and Professionals able to manage the timing of a Restructuring Plan. They have excellent relationship skills to negotiate with Banks, PE Funds and Financial/ Legal Advisors. They are Executives able to sit in the Board of Directors for the Restructuring Plans’ implementation

Performance Improvement

Executives with a proven experience in the following activities: Internationalization; Development of new markets /business areas; Mapping of business Organizations; Senior Executives able to lead the transformations related to generational transition

Advisor Corporate Finance & Debt Restructuring

Executives specialized in Debt Restructuring according to the Italian law for crisis recovery (Restructuring Plan, Creditors Agreement, etc.). Excellent expertise in industrial/corporate assessment, business planning, M&A and financial operations, as well as asset acquisitions. Well-established relationship with national and international operators in the Corporate Finance and Restructuring field and with PE Funds.

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