IT 0:00 / 5:10 illimity, Neprix e Duke&Kay raccontano una recente operazione di successo: il caso TRE Holding

Ancora una volta le #competenze hanno fatto la differenza!
Per conoscere i dettagli di questa operazione di successo guarda il video! 👉

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When real estate assets hide unexplored potential! A successful story from our Globalise partner Duke & Kay.

illimity an Italian bank and neprix Special Services of Illimity Group and Maurizio Ria, Managing Partner Duke & Kay/President of the company TRE Holding, tell a success story: the TRE Holding #business case.
Have a look at the video posted by Illimity bank and Neprix, Duke&Kay’s customers in this project:

💡 Illimity bank took over the (very large) debt of the #company, divided among 13 creditors, acting as an aggregating pole, asking to Duke&Kay to manage the debt recover through the valorization and sale of the available assets.

💡 Thanks to this illimity’s innovative approach and the technical skills of Maurizio Ria, the RE Company was able to dismiss all the assets ahead of the agreed timing, to completely pay off the mortgage debt, to secure a really significant return on the Participating Financial Instruments held by illimity, create a reserve for the company’s costs until #liquidation, and generate an extra return for the banks that had sold the original credit to Illimity bank. So a really win-win-win solution!

💡 The history of TRE Holding is an example of how, with the right drive, great results can be achieved.
Keys to success:
✔️ Expertise and knowledge of the real estate market to identify the right buyers
✔️ Transparency and fairness that ensured a climate of trust
✔️ Patience, cohesion and use of models with win-win solutions

Once again competences made the difference!

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